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North Philadelphia has one of the highest crime and poverty rates in Philadelphia. Additionally, in 2014, only 30% of registered voters in that area voted during a critical gubernatorial election.

This project aims to increase youth engagement (ages 12-17) in electoral voting by facilitating fun and entertaining voting awareness workshops within schools and organizing youth-led “Get Out to Vote” community events.

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rising sonsFebruary 2016
Alex's get-out-the-vote program launched with a two-day event, which began with a tour of Philadelphia City Hall for 25 youth which was led by a local city councillor and commissioner. The participants got to see firsthand where decisions are made and learn how the electoral system works. The following day was election day, during which all the participants assembled outdoors to encourage people to practice their democractic right to vote.

Since hosting the event, Alex has been approached by representatives at the City of Philadelphia who want to make this program a signature event during election seasons to inspire more civic engagement. Black Youth Vote! has also connected with Alex to discuss the possibility of bringing his model of youth voter engagement to the national stage.

Alex was recently named as one of 28 NBCBLK innovators and game changers.

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