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"Every city is a living body" -St. Augustine

Love letters to our city will provide opportunity and a forum for people of all ages to send a love letter to Akron. Like all living things, our city needs to feel our love. While social media is a vehicle of most messages today, hand written notes of sentiment will be intimate and personal. Share a memory, suggest an improvement and uncover hidden gems.

Letters will be shared through public displays or possibly incorporated into an art installation.

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Project Updates

February 2016
dearakron and 880Amber has collected over 500 postcards over the course of 12 public events. She's recruited nearly 25 volunteers to help collect as many cards as possible.

A local high school invited Amber to speak to students about #DEARAKRON in a Hometown History class. Of course, she brought the postcards and had each of the students fill out their own love letters to Akron. Two more schools have reached out, including her alma mater.

Amber is working with a local art gallery to host an exhibit and display the postcards later in February 2016.

Media and residents from cities and towns around the country have reached out to hear about the project, and learn how they can replicate the #DEARAKRON model in their own community.

8 80 Cities met up with Amber and David Swirsky during a visit to Akron in January. Amber brought the cards (right).

November 2015
2e1ax simplistic entry dear akronAmber is busy collecting postcards for Akron and has rebranded her project as #DEARAKRON. In the past four months, Akronites wrote more than 400 postcards to their city. At the onset of the project, Amber expected to collect 500 postcards throughout the year. She's since set her sights on collecting 1, 000 cards by June. Earlier this summer, one participant wrote, "Dear Akron, I had no idea you were this cool when I moved here. Thanks for six awesome years and counting."

Amber is working with a local gallery to showcase the collection once the project is complete. She also plans to create a book that will share the stories behind each postcard.

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