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My project aims to enhance access and way finding into Swede Hollow from Payne Avenue to residents on the East Side of St. Paul by creating an intriguing and interactive viewfinder that allows people to see into the park from above, explore the park’s past and invite them to use the park for recreation. This effort will begin the process to create a stronger relationship between the park and the neighborhood, create more opportunities for interactions with the natural world, increase awareness of the value of this space and then eventually attract more visitors.

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Project Update

8c64ba 81dd6415e56541ecae6a7fde1d8b3c90February 2016
In July 2015, Crystal hosted a family-friendly pop-up event in Swede Hollow Park, which included a puppet show, music, and refreshments.Building on the momentum of that event, Cyrstal has also launched an online survey to collect feedback and ideas from the community on what types of events, programming, and infrastructure improvements they might like to see in the park.

The next pop-up initiative, Explore More East Side, is set to launch in Spring 2016. The goal of this project is to display banners at two key thoroughfare locations on the East Side of St. Paul to advertise Swede Hollow Park and share what we as neighbors, residents and a community "Like" about thegreen space.

All of these projects are designed to build support and excitement for the Swede Hollow Park Viewfinder.

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