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The "Oakdale Pocket Park" will serve as an outdoor community hub for residents in the West Hill neighborhood. The West Hill Neighborhood Organization is already underway in engaging the community to plan the park. There are scheduled meetings throughout the summer. Some initial drafts include: benches and picnic tables for seating, fruit trees and bushes open to the community for grazing, and a pergola for performances. WHNO will coordinate programming with local community groups so that the park is a constant buzz of community activity.

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David Swirsky Project Updates

oakdale pocket parkThe Oakdale Pocket Park was officially launched in October 2015 thanks to David and the West Hill Neighbourhood Organization.
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David and a team of creative interventionists hosted 500 neighbours at a 500 foot-long table on the Innerbelt Freeway for a shared community meal for the 500 Plates event.
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What's Next?
David is helping to organize the 3rd annual Big Love Fest. Big Love Fest is a celebration of the Akron community where neighbours gather to celebrate the city's culture, art, and music.
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