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We'll revitalize a neglected pedestrian bridge that connects two low-income communities allowing them safer access to amenities while encouraging active-transportation. The abandoned space that the bridge touches down on will be activated through a series of community based art installations and cultural and educational public programming. Through meetings & iterative arts, we'll engage the community to help them understand the civic process, turning this eyesore into a prideful landmark that reflects the community and serves its practical needs.

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Project Update

sunset bridge streetsblogFebruary 2016
Justin and his team are busy building partnerships with the City of San Jose and Caltrain, the regional commuter rail line. They have also begun reaching out to the community and collaborating with local elementary schools to determine what types of programming or design improvements they would like to see on the Bridge. Meanwhile, the Sunset Bridge team leveraged their Emerging City Champion funding with a $200,000 grant from ArtPlace.


Photo: Justin Triano

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