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Sit On It Detroit is a community based project in which public benches are built from reclaimed lumber. We focus on bus stop seating, giving transit riders somewhere to sit while they wait for the bus. We also promote literacy for transit riders with each bench having a bookshelf built into the design. With over 5,000 bus stops around the city Sit On It Detroit's benches serve as ways to create civic engagement amongst residents and community organizations. The free library is how we promote literacy while people wait to for public transit. We utilize reclaimed material so that instead of sending abandoned lumber into landfills, we can reprocess and build public furniture to complement city parks and bus stops and other social gathering spaces.

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Project Updates

sit on it detroit2February 2016

Since becoming an Emerging City Champion, Kyle and his partner have placed 20 new benches at bus stops and in public spaces lacking adequate seating across Detroit. There are now 50 Sit On it Detroit benches throughout the city.

The Sit On It Detroit team have coordinated nearly 50 volunteers to initiate clean-ups and touch-ups of all the benches to ensure they remain safe and comfortable. They are also partnering with the SW Community Justice System to allow people charged with minor crimes to gain skills and contribute to the cause by serving community service hours with Sit On It Detroit.

They continue to work with local artists to create custom and creative benches that celebrate each neighbourhood. Kyle notes that the benches have become community landmarks, and some school buses have begun using those locations to drop kids off after school.

In October 2015, Kyle was recognized among an impressive group of rising stars in the Michigan Chronicle's 40 Under 40 awards.
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