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Block x Block is a fundraising tool that helps build neighborhoods! Users shop for goods designed exclusively for us by local "builders" at Goods are sold "by the block” with $5 of each block sold ("block bucks") contributing to a neighborhood project. Users choose from over 50 products across 5 categories and 15 projects. Our Block Party on Noel Night is where locals shop our pop-up in person. The party doubles as a final push for last minute holiday gifts and as a competition to see which projects can raise the most bucks.

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July 2015
detroit fellows 640x390Margarita curated an article for The Detroit News, which featured reflections from the Detroit Champions on the Emerging City Champions Studio. The Studio took place in June 2015 in Toronto, ON:

We should all feel a sense of ownership when it comes to our community's land and how it's used. Gil Penalosa and the rest of the 8 80 Cities team live by the ethos that "if you build a city that is great for an eight-year-old and an eighty-year-old, then you build a city that is going to be great for everybody". It's time for Detroiters to play a more active role in making our neighborhoods great for eight-year-olds and eighty-year-olds. How can we, as citizens, help ensure that our neighborhoods aren't left behind in the midst of revitalization efforts? By becoming urban planners ourselves.
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illustration 640x408Detroit, Let's All Be Urban Planners!
Featured on the Detroit News website in June 2015
I'm a lifelong Detroiter who spent the better half of my twenties dreaming up creative ideas for activating underused spaces with creative businesses and pop-up shops. I worked to inspire young people to live here and help shape their community into a place they wanted to be. It's why in 2009, I started I Am Young Detroit, a social enterprise that promotes youth entrepreneurship as a means to combat unemployment and boost economic impact in Detroit. It's also why, in 2010, I launched a place-making, design agency (now called I Am Young Creative) to create rotating pop-ups and galleries and empower young artists and creatives to activate underutilized spaces. I've always had this longing to use my background in design and passion for entrepreneurship, as a way to make this city better. It didn't matter that I wasn't making a dime from any of my projects! It was something that I needed to do, something that was built into the very fiber of my being. I wanted to put Detroit on the map, help locals get their shine and give people a taste of what Detroit could be... and will be.
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