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‘Celebrate Diversity Miami’ (CDM) envisions a united greater Miami community, where residents from all backgrounds feel accepted, connected, and valued. Photo-voice is a process by which people can identify, represent, and enhance their community through photography ( CDM’s exhibit is providing residents of all ages and cultural backgrounds, as well as community-based organizations, a space to visually share stories from their perspective about the celebration of diversity throughout greater Miami. Our exhibit will be accompanied by several group dialogue opportunities that are open to the public. In addition, for those who are interested in creating space for on-going dialogues within their communities, training sessions will be offered on the art of facilitation.

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February 2016
Naomi will be hosting a second FoodSpark event thanks in part to a grant she secured through the Miami Foundation's Public Space Challenge. The next event will take place in February 14, 2016.

foodsparkOctober 2015
Noami hosted FoodSpark Miami's first pop-up potluck dinner, which uses the power of delicious food to bring Miamians together to tackle critical social issues that impact everyone. Beyond the traditional enjoyment of food, this potluck included live music and group dialogue activities. The kick-off event took place on September 12-13 during an arts fair located in Downtown Miami. In addition to this success, Naomi also leveraged her Emerging City Champion funding by securing an additional $6,000 grant through the Miami Public Space Challenge.
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Photo: Celebrate Diversity Miami

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