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Philly Teepee is a pop-up teepee space meant to inspire community connectedness and relaxation in the urban environment. My idea is to set it up in neighborhoods experiencing the tensions of rapid population shift. A mix of residents enter the teepee, talk about their neighborhood, build community, and forge a cohesive neighborhood identity. This will promote long-term investment from newer residents and enhance the exchange of resources and human capital within economically diverse neighborhoods.

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teepee credit danyahenninger philip kids 1000x703"If Philly Teepee is one thing, it's a giant conversation starter."

February 2016
Philip held six Philly Teepee events throughout the city in the summer and fall of 2015. He recently purchased a propane heater to extend the Teepee season, but is still looking forward to starting more conversations in more Philadelphia parks in summer 2016.

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Photo: Danya Henninger

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